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Bohemian glass vase - Mandarin Confetti

Bohemian glass vase - Mandarin Confetti

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Our favortie (don't tell it to the others). We just love its originality - blown, formed and painted by hand, each piece is unique but all give our home the same dynamite energy! 


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Shipping is never free and at elbarud, we don't like dubious promotions, so we simply always share shipping costs equally ! A small step for you, a small step for us, but a big step towards a more sustainable consumption!

technical characteristics

dimensions: ø 70 x 95 cm

composition: 100% Bohemian glass


Products are dishwasher safe using a delicate programm. A glass specific programm, at a temperature below 40°C is recommended to preserve their beauty longer.

To avoid limescale residue on your glasses:
- Dose salt, rise aid and dishwashing detergent separately according to the hardness of the water
- Use coarse salt in your silk, as fine salt can accumulate in the machine and make it harder to dose the amount of salt correctly
- Wash at a temperature no greater than 40° C
- Select the machine’s shortest program
- As soon as the washing programm is finished, turn off the stream
- If possible dry your glasses with a tea towel
- Do not place glass with top down in the cabinet, as excess moisture from dishes can cause limescale deposits

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  • composition

    100% Bohemian glass.

  • production location

    This product is made in Nový Bor, in the Bohemia region in Czech Republic, well known for its glass blowers and crystal.

  • manufacturing

    All products are made artisanally by glass blowers.

  • economical & social impact

    For now, Anna Von Lipa hasn't taken any specific action on this, an area for improvement!

  • packing & transport

    All products are packed in 100% recyclable boxes. It's a first step but more effort can still be done!

  • end of life

    Glass is a fantastic material. It is at once fragile and at the same time incredibly strong. If you take care of it, the end of its life should be far away!
    In case of breakage, glass can be recycled to make a new object!

Who hides behind this product?

Founded by Jytte Correll, a danish designer who immigrated to Czech Republic 10 years before, Anna von Lipa collaborates with oldest and most famous glass blowers in Europe. The brand creates and makes unique objects in its workshop of the Bohemian region in Czech Republic, true glass empire of Central Europe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

J’ai craqué sur ce superbe vase à l’ouverture de la boutique Elbarud. Je prends enfin le temps de partager à quel point j’en suis ravie et que je ne m’en lasse pas! En plus, n’étant pas super soigneuse, j’apprécie sa robustesse! Je recommande vivement!

Magnifique !

J’ai acheté ce vase à ma femme. Ayant eu un petit soucis lors du premier envoie, le service client a été d’une extrême compréhension et rapidité. C’est assez rare pour être souligné. Encore merci
Le vase est magnifique et il sublime notre intérieur.
À très vite

Stéphane Vincienne
Base de Bohème

J’ai acheté ce très joli base de Bohème et je ne regrette pas mon achat, il est superbe contrairement à d’autres qui sont de pâles imitations .je recommande Elbarud

Daphné Legrand-Sauzay
Superbe !

Ce vase est magnifique dans mon intérieur. Original, il a tout le temps sa place sur ma cheminée.
Merci pour la trouvaille !