Qui sommes-nous?

Who are we?

Behind elbarud there are Anastasia and Laurence, two secondary school friends who have shared the ups and downs of life for almost 20 years.​

A bit different, sometimes even opposite, we've always shared the love of a cozy home. Our home is our shelter, and we strongly believe that everything can be fixed with a comfortable sofa, a throw, and a hot cup of tea (or a glass of wine... it works just as well)!​

So through life changes, moving in and out, each of us tried to build our ideal cocoons. And we realized how difficult it was to find objects that matched our values.​

Our desire to do well often led to frustration, “Great, this table is made of wood from a sustainably managed forest, but where is it made? And the painting of the feet? Is it toxic? Will it conduct to my untimely death ?” or “Great, a light made from recycled material less than 100km away from us! But darn, it looks like a papier-mâché ornament made by my 5-year-old niece...!”. It was difficult to get clear answers from established brands or to know where to find (or even sometimes where to look for!) timeless brands whose ecological and social impact was the priority. To be honest, we sometimes gave up and ended up buying plastic chairs made in "far far away"... ​

So we had the idea of ​​facilitating access to an alternative. No object is perfect, but we have the desire to hunt and give visibility to brands and craftsmen who work hard to offer the options of tomorrow, the desire to create a network of knowledge and a community that helps one other.

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