Our home is the main theater of our lives

It shelters our dinners, our parties, our difficult mornings, our work meetings sometimes, our moments of solitude too... The objects we choose to furnish and decorate it reflect our needs, our tastes but also our values.​​​

At elbarud, design and ecology are not contradictory: a set of colorful bed linen in 100% European flax, a graphic rug made of coton waste from portuguese textile workshops, an art deco upcycled lamp, an original handmade ceramic tablewear set... as many timeless pieces that stand the test of time.

Our objective? Simplify access to a beautiful but yet sustainable interior, by selecting products in line with what is important to our clients.​​

our values

  • eco-responsible policy

    we dedicated our time to find brands and artisans who respect our criteria for high quality and respect of our planet & fellow citizens
  • partnership

    our offer is carried by creators who share our vision of a way of buying that is more sustainable and a greater respect of our environment
  • design

    we select contemporary designs that will stay in your house longer
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decorative accessories

decorative accessories

cushions, vases and other objects to personnalise your home 



exclusively in super sustainable linen, it dresses any room elegantly 

local and circular economy​

We encourage alternative ways of consuming such as renting or second-hand which help limit our impact. However, this is not always possible or suitable, and so we challenge ourselves to bring our customers products that are new but have a limited impact on:​​​ ​  ​

Our planet: For this, we favor eco-designed objects or objects made from recycled or biodegradable materials. We select timeless designs, which will stay in our customer's home for a long time. We choose, when possible, to work with brands that create to order or in limited series to avoid waste. We also try not to enter the spiral of overconsumption by avoiding flash promotions and focusing on solutions that meet real needs.​​​ ​  ​

Our fellow citizens: For this, we work exclusively with European and mostly French brands and craftsmen, who apply fair tax and remuneration policies. We rely on labels when available or require full transparency from our suppliers on these matters.​​​


Because it is sometimes difficult to know what we are buying – we wonder where this vase comes from, what is the composition of this light or even under what conditions this rug was manufactured- and because the perfect object does not exist (yet!), we are committed to providing all the data allowing our customers to make an informed choice.​ ​ Whether it is the materials used, the place of manufacture, the number of jobs supported, the origin of the components... We communicate on what is positive, but also on what can be improved.​​

healthy composition

Our goal is to offer only healthy materials, which respect the planet as much as our health. Here again, we rely on labels but also ask the brands with whom we work for total transparency on the composition of the products, from the raw materials to the finishing!​