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Renée Recycle

Upcycled velvet cushion - pink & red

Upcycled velvet cushion - pink & red

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This cushion, made from velvet scrap sewed in patchwork, is unique and original. Trust us, it will bring light and joy to your interior!


Expedition within 2 working days

Technical details

dimensions: 50 x 30 cm

composition: cover 100% velvet scraps, filling 100% polyester


removable cover. Dry cleaning recommended.

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  • composition

    The cover is made of velvet scraps.

    The filling is 100% polyester. For now it's the only solution that allows Marine and Marine, the creators, to offer a good quality cushion that will last.

  • place of production

    This cushion is made in Renée's workshop in Romainville, France.

  • manufacturing

    Marine makes all cushions by hand, from cut to finishing touches!

  • economical & social impact

    For now, Renée Recycle hasn't taken any specific action on this, the workshop is still small and only Marine, one of the founders, works there.

  • packing & transport

    Cushions are neatly packed in fillings remaining packagings.

  • end of life

    We don't have any sustainable info on this for now.
    If your cushion was nibbled on by your guinea pig or a child chose it to express their art with permanent markers, drop it at a collection point so the velvet can be recycled.

who hides behind this product?

Marine and Marine, two forever friends (a bit like Anastasia and Laurence!), imagined Renée in 2016.
Renée's science? A savoir-faire based on four pillars: recovery, recycling, restoration, and reuse of objects that are seen as outdated. Renée's philosophy? the eternal cycle.

Because nothing is lost and everything must transform, Renée chose to dedicate their existence to bring what must stay alive up to date.
Fashion and decor objects, furniture or textile, all recovered and recoverable, are collected, gathered, and rethrought in the unique goal of giving them a reason to exist again.
Renée uses their science to bring everything they touch back to life and give their destiny back to the left out objects. Renée repairs, readapts, gives items a new life and offers them the reincarnartion they deserves.
A new identity they will display proudly when they goes back on the market.

And Renée will never give up!