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Soup plate in green french porcelain

Soup plate in green french porcelain

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Made with a vintage mold from the 1980s, this collection of octogonal plates in Limoge china brings an extra-special something to all contemporary tables.


Shipping within 2 working days (excluding pre orders)

Shipping is never free and at elbarud, we don't like dubious promotions, so we simply always share shipping costs equally ! A small step for you, a small step for us, but a big step towards a more sustainable consumption!

technical characteristics

dimensions: ø 190 x 60 mm

composition: 100% porcelain


This plate is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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  • composition

    100% French porcelain.

  • production location

    All production steps are carried out in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France. This plate is Origine France Garantie certified.

  • manufacturing

    We don't have any sustainable info on this for now.

  • economical & social impact

    This plate, manufactured in factories, supports industrial and local economy at Chauvigni (Vienne) and Dorat (Haute-Vienne).
    A job created in these regions generates 3 to 5 connected jobs. Ogre la Fabrique hence helps fighting unemployment, deindustrialisation and desertification of French central regions' city centers.
    Ogre is also EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) certified. This label was created in 2005 to distinguish French companies having exceptional artisanal and industrial savoir-faire.

  • packing & transport

    Plates are protected with second hand fabric when possible and are delivere in recycled cardboard.

  • end of life

    This plate was made to last, so the end of its life should be distant.
    However, in case of breakage, your porcelain can be grinded and recycled in tarmac to build roads.

Who hides behind this product?

Ogre la Fabrique's story starts in 2020, when Titaïna, the founder, comes back from her world tour. She realises during this trip the importance of preserving the art of living "à la française": hosting, home cooking, decorating…
When she came back, she started looking for tableware that matched her values: local, eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable.
She quickly noticed that this offer didn't exist or didn't exist anymore in France. Indeed, more than 80% of french factories have been closed since the beginning of the 2000s.

She hence decided to launch her own business to make french, local daily tableware.