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Les Guimards

French stonewear jug

French stonewear jug

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A timeless collection that shall remain in your home for generations.


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Technical details

ø 85 x 250mm


All products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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  • composition

    100% french stoneware.
    Les Guimards use Saint-Armand's stoneware that is extracted from their own quarry and prepare it themselves, leaving its original characteristic to the stonewear.
    Glazing and colors are created by Christophe with eco-friendly materials.

  • place of production

    All production steps, from stonewear quarry to finished goods are carried out in Saint-Armand-en-Puisaye, France.

  • manufacturing

    Whether they are shaped by hand or manufactured using a mold, all pieces are handmade in Christophe and Nathalie's workshop.

  • economical & social impact

    Les Guimards preserve a local savoir-faire in the Puisaye region, where stoneware pottery is a perpetuated tradition since the Middle Ages.

  • packing & transport

    When possible, old newspapers are upcycled to wedge lamps in place and protect them during transport.

  • end of life

    Terra cotta is a very resistant material, its end of life should be distant!
    However, in case of breakage, ceramic, an inert waste, can be grinded and revalued in backfill or concrete.

who hides behind this product?

In the ravishing "Les Guimards" hamlet, a stone's throw away from the Saint-Armand-en-Puisaye village, Nathalie and Christophe Hurtault revist stonewear pottery classics in the family workshop, founded by their parents in 1976. They shape and colour clay with passion. Design, natural materials and tradition are reconciled for an elegant and cosy table.
For their creations, they exclusively use grey clay from Saint-Armand-en-Puisay (extracted from their own quarry and prepared by their own hand). Renowned by generations of ceramists in France and in the world for its qualities, plastic and physical (resistance, watertighness, good heat and cold preservation, dishwasher and microwave safe...), it's totally adapted to daily life's constraints.

Customer Reviews

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Boize Julien
Idée de cadeau parfaite

Encore plus beau en vrai qu’en photo. J’ai offert ça à mes parents, ils ont adoré. En plus d’être utile, c’est un super objet de déco, je recommande !