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Upcycled table lamp in "crazed" glass

Upcycled table lamp in "crazed" glass

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Upcycled and dazzling! This vintage globe in "crazed" glass was bargain-hunted and reelectrified to light your home up!


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Shipping is never free and at elbarud, we don't like dubious promotions, so we simply always share shipping costs equally ! A small step for you, a small step for us, but a big step towards a more sustainable consumption!

technical characteristics

dimensions: ø 130 x 200 mm

composition: upcycled globe, brass

socket: screw E14 - bulb not included

cable: 2M


Clean the globe with clear water and the brass part with Miror metal cleaner

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  • composition

    The glass globe was bargain hunted by Vanessa in France's flea market. The base is also upcycled when possible or in brass sourced in France when there is no other alternative.
    Cables have been retrieved from a retired electrician.

  • production location

    This globe has then been upcycled in Vanessa's workshop in Fontenay-sous-bois.

  • manufacturing

    Globes are cleaned and reelectrified by hand!

  • economical & social impact

    For now, Madame Lampe hasn't taken any specific action on this, the workshop is still small and only Vanessa, the creator, works there.

  • packing & transport

    Lamps are carefully packaged in reused wrapping papers.

  • end of life

    We don't have any sustainable info on this for now.
    But it's already this lamp's second life… we rely on you for it not being its last!

Who hides behind this product?

Behind Madame Lampe, there is Vanessa. When she was just a kid, her dad used to take her to flea markets, she began to like antique objects, and this passion never left her.

She often thought of opening a store, an online shop or even had a book project to make all these objects she thrifted over the year exist.

And in 2020, she bought 100m of electric cables and started to restore globes she accumulated. One lamp, and two, and then 100... Today she brought back more than 500 lights to life and they're set for the many years to come.

Always looking for spheres, tulips, chandeliers and antique lights, she sources, cleans, repairs and transforms theses lamps. She modernises and revalues them to give them a second life. She keeps everything from their past, even the screws.

Each lamp (or almost) is a unique piece. They are made with globes that are sometimes close to 100 years old! We already have so many things on earth that are just thrown away even though once revisited, they work perfectly in today's interiors.

Customer Reviews

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Je suis tombé en admiration devant cette lampe avec son côté rétro et moderne
Très bel objet qui s’intègre à ma déco !

Magnifique lampe upcyclée

J'ai posé cette lampe sur ma cheminée . Effet wahouh assuré ! j'adore
Belle lumière !